Friday, June 8, 2012

As part of our ongoing Green School programme we have been continuing to work on litter and waste management in the school with great success. We are keeping rubbish to a minimum and there are very few bags of rubbish being collected by our litter wardens each week. The costs of disposing of litter in the school are still being reduced and the school continues to look very clean and tidy. Our Green Flag status will be due for renewal in March 2013. To retain this status we need to maintain the work which helped us to achieve the Green Flag in the first place and we must also complete the 7-Step Green School programme on the next theme in An Taisce's list - the theme of Energy.
Our work on energy has already begun. The Green School committee have carried out an audit/survey in the school to ascertain where and what types of energy are bring used throughout the school. The survey analysed by the committee with the involvement of all pupils and staff of the school in order to identify measure which can be taken to try to improve the school's energy efficiency. Following this an action plan has been drawn up which will help us to achieve the improvements that have been identified. It is placed on our Green School notice board.