Friday, December 6, 2013

'Energy Cabin' visit (28th November - 5th December)

Energy Cabin
On Thursday 28th of November, as part of the Green Schools programme, there was an energy cabin in the yard. In the morning the two sixth classes had a lesson on sustainable energy with a man called Paddy Stack. When the lesson was over Paddy asked Ms. Coady and Mr. Cummings to pick four people to go out to the energy cabin so that when Paddy was gone they could show other students the cabin. As soon as we got out to the energy cabin Paddy told us to look around. There
was a photovoltaic panel (solar panel) and a miniature windmill on the roof. Inside the cabin there were posters all over the wall. In the corner there were three energy saving lightbulbs next to one old fashioned lightbulb. When Paddy turned on all the lightbulbs the three energy saving ones used less energy than the normal, old fashioned one. Next to the ligtbulbs was a table with a box full of energy games. Beside the table was a sun oven. Paddy took it outside and showed us what it was. When he opened it up there were mirrors sticking out from the sides. In the middle there was a little swing. If you wanted to cook something you would put it on the swing and the sunlight would bounce off the mirrors and cook the food.

We hope to bring out students from every class out to the energy cabin.

By Adam Mahon
Green School Committee Member
6th class (Room 10)