Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Art Recycling 4th Class

Art Recycling 4th Class

In Febuary room 1 made recycled art people out of recycled materials. This was in relation with our class novel, Kensuke's Kingdom. We used fabric, pipecleaners, googely eyes, cotton balls and many other recycable materials. We used stencils made out of recycled paper to make the shape of a person. We displayed them out side our classroom. Children can also do this. We would recomend to get teachers or parents to supervise you because you will be using scissors. For diffeculty we would give it 5 /10. For how good it was we said 10/10. Have a look at the pic attached.Thank you for reading this blog.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Green School Code

As part of the Green School Programme we had to decide on a slogan or code for our school which linked to being green.  We decided to hold a slogan competition amongst all the pupils in the school.  This was combined with a poster competition.  The Green School committee gathered up all the entries.  There were some great slogans and the committee found it really difficult to choose a winner.  After a lot of discussion it was finally agreed that our slogan/code would be

"Green School, Green Street, Green Future".

The committee really liked how it used the fact that the school is situated on Green Street.  The winning entry was written by Kyle Monaghan and Conor Malone - both of whom are in Ms. Cleary's 2nd class.

The code is now on display in every classroom and all around the school.