Monday, March 28, 2011

Some of the progress we've made so far!

  • Litter warden system set up.
  • 'Battery Brigades' collect batteries, mobile phones and ink cartridges each week.
  • 'Compost Crews' from Ms. Ruddock's fifth class take charge of monitoring the use of the compost bins and emptying them each day.
  • Very successful poster and slogan competition held in the school.  The Green School committee picked a winner for each class.  Each winner won notebooks, pens, rulers, yo-yos and fridge magnets - all of which were either made from recycled materials or promoted recycling and which were given to us by Wexford Co. Council. All the entries for the competition are now on display all around the school.
  • Green School Code chosen from the slogans on the posters - "Green School, Green Street, Green Future". 
  • Green School notice board and blog have been set up.
  • Information about recycling and composting displayed in all rooms in use and in public areas around the school.
  • All classes provided with a sweeping brush and dustpan.
  • Recycling bags in all classrooms.
  • Scrap paper boxes/trays in all classrooms.
  • Improvement in number of recyclable lunchboxes and drinks containers in use in the school.
  • Number of 240 litre bins full of rubbish going from school to landfill reduced from 7 to 2.
  • Curriculum links – teachers teaching lessons linked to the theme of reducing, re-using and recycling (art, english, irish, science, maths). 
  • School garden revamped – beds repaired, cleaned out, re-composted and planted. Surrounding area cleaned and tidied. 
  • Composting – new area for compost set up in front of the school. Large compost bins cleaned out. Working on mixing contents with foliage to help dry it out. Hoping to have our own compost for the garden by the end of the year.
  • A LOT less litter around the school.
  • Much more awareness around the school about litter and waste management.

Kilmainham Gaol - made by Ms. Hodnett's fifth class. See earlier post by Liam Turner giving details of how it was made using recyclable materials.

Green School Notice Board

Information on all aspects of our Green School programe is available for all members of our school community and all visitors to our school on our Green School notice board.

Litter wardens at work

Our litter warden system has been working very well.  Each week one class takes responsibility for picking up the litter in the school yard and the buildings.  Each day, immediately after lunchtime, four boys from the class on duty collect the litter pickers and buckets and set off to collect rubbish from various zones around the school. The amount of litter being collected has greatly reduced as members of the school community become more aware of the need to reduce, re-use and recycle!